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For a single engine airplane, the cost should range between $250 and $400. The bigger and more complex the airplane, the higher the cost. The treatment takes two hours for a single or light twin. We recommend that aircraft be treated every other year, ideally at the time of annual inspection.
The US Military has tested all types of anti-corrosion products under real-world conditions. They are very impressed with the performance of CorrosionX, and its use by the military and other government agencies continues to grow very quickly. CorrosionX simply works better. It is the only product qualified under the Mil-C81309E, Type II that's not a barrier coating. 
CorrosionX is petroleum-based and paint will not adhere over it. Following treatment, we recommend one year before painting.  CorrosoinX can be removed for spot painting using a good solvent.  
It will not stain or etch paint, nor will it harm plastic, acrylic or rubber. The only exception is butyl (natural) and silicone types of rubber, which may swell when subjected to CorrosionX. A good rule of thumb is that, if a material is affected by fuel or oil, CorrosionX should be used with caution.  
In fact, CorrosionX is an excellent product for keeping switches, plugs, connectors, etc. free of corrosion that interferes with their functioning. CorrosionX can often restore the functioning of components that have stopped working because of corrosion.  
Is it true that CorrosionX can loosen rivets?
The only way to loosen a properly-gripped rivet is by removing metal around it. If a rivet becomes loose after a CorrosionX treatment, it's because the rivet was surrounded by corroded metal. In that sense, CorrosionX has made you aware of what could be a serious corrosion problem.  
After a proper treatment, you will see evidence of the product coming through lap seams and around rivets and screws. That seepage is evidence that CorrosionX is doing its job; its pushing moisture out of those tiny spaces and protecting them against future corrosion. CorrosionX is harmless to the paint, and can be wiped off easily.
CorrosionX Aviation
CorrosionX Aviation takes corrosion control to a higher level. Featuring the latest advances in Fluid Thin Film Coating (FTFC) Technology, it is specially designed to displace moisture, stop corrosion instantly, and provide long-lasting protection.
Made in the USA, CorrosionX Aviation is qualified under Mil-C-81309E, Type II, for application to airframes and is used extensively by the military. All CorrosionX products and application equipment have been assigned National Stock Numbers by, and are available through, the General Services Agency (GSA).
Reports indicate that the U.S. Army at Ft. Drum, NY, realized a million savings in refurbishment of aircraft that were treated with CorrosionX prior to deployment to Somalia. This is also confirmed by a July 31, 1997, article in Army Aviation. Similar findings were reported for helicopters used in Haiti. (This info is direct from CorrosionX.)
Also excellent for marine and boating applications, CorrosionX Aviation works especially well on aluminum because it protects longer but will not leave a tangible film. Wipe down the boat's hull and outdrives twice a year for fresh water usage and quarterly (depending upon use) for saltwater usage.
To view a .pdf file of the product's Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), click the following: Aerosol MSDS or Bulk MSDS. To view Product Data Sheet, click here.

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