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Engine Overhaul           daiair@bellsouth.net

We take your engine, disassemble it, send off the parts that need to be checked and yellow tagged to licensed reputable shops.  The rest of the engine is  taken piece by piece and cleaned and examined.  When the engine is through it is pretty and shinny like a new model.

Phone: 225-356-3565

Fax: 225-356-1930

E-mail: daiair@bellsouth.net

Rebuilds include disassembly

All parts requiring yellow tagged are sent off to the proper FAA approved facility

Clean and paint parts

Order parts as needed


Complete logbook applications

engineengine being rebuiltengine being rebuilt

For an estimate on your engine rebuild.

Email  daiair@bellsouth.net

 or phone  225-356-3565 

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