We keep you in the air

Employee List

Robert Allen Davis, Jr        Owner and CEO

 Owner and manager of Davis Aircraft, Inc

 Ambitious, available 24 hours a day.  Reliable


     Email.     daiair@bellsouth.net    phone 225-356-3565

Lois Hopwood


 A good helper.  Loves her cats.



Is a man’s cat.   

Needs a lot of petting.


Is the most photographed cat in the country. 

Come in and see

He will let you rub his tummy.





 Always very good.  Loves to be petted. 



 Then the last of family arrived in August 2013   

 He is as he is  named... as fast as a hurricane. 

 He is a very pretty kitten.      Loves the Guidance  guys.     

We are  babysitting for Aimee . 

She is a beautiful calico.

Einstein died  we are still very sad.   He is still with us, we have his ashes.            Dr. Thistlethwaite was his very kind doctor


 #1 on welcoming committee

    Loves people

Davis Aircraft, Inc