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Davis Aircraft

We keep you in the air

Davis Aircraft, Inc has been at the Baton Rouge Metro Airport since 1981. First as a small business next to the airport tower, working off the tarmac, with no fixed base. In 2012 we  moved to  a new and larger facility in a hanger on the northwest side of the airport, capable of handling aircraft maintenance and pilot supply store.

Included in the business is a FAA testing facility known as CATS Testing.  We are capable of doing all kinds of FAA testing.  Bob Davis now has been appointed as DME,  this is a very honorable position and is proud to work with upcoming mechanics.





Davis Aircraft, Inc

9548 Veterans Memorial Blvd

Baton Rouge, La. 70807

To contact us:

Phone: 225-356-3565

Fax: 225-356-1930